Pink shoes. That is all.

If you don’t already know…pink is my faaaaavorite color. And as my BFF, you should already know about my obsession with shoes. So, if you combine the two…color and shoe…I’m a happy chick!

This shoe is from Charlotte Russe and I gotta tell you, they never disappoint. Not only are the shoes stylish, they are extremely affordable. Charlotte Russe has a great selection and there is always a sale to take advantage of. I bet if you go to the site right now, there is some kind of sale. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

These heels can be paired with a cute pair of fitted cuffed jeans, a skirt like the one I’m wearing in the picture above from Forever 21 or a cute sundress. If I’m being completely honest, these shoes are really comfortable – don’t let the heel fool you. I really wish I had more opportunities to wear them this past summer, but I was busy with my other 2,673 pairs of shoes.

You know I can read your thoughts, right? This is supposed to be the “No Judgment Zone”. Smh… Just head over to Charlotte Russe and check it out! Let me know in the comments what great deals you found.



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