It’s Tough Being A Superhero!

Worn out is an understatement. Can I just be completely honest for a few moments? Walk with me, here…

So, Mondays are already tough enough…after enjoying a weekend of relaxation (only because the weather forced it on me) it was time to get back into swing of things. You are all family now, so you know I have:

Three children to send off to school every morning. Three different schools. Three different times.

Yup, you heard that right. Oldest leaves at 6 am, middle leaves at 6:40 am and the youngest leaves at 8:45 am. I’m driving to/from bus stops all week because it’s COLD, answering calls from the school nurse and/or teacher, taking time helping my little guy with homework that doesn’t get turned in because he “forgot,” going back and forth to the grocery store because I have a sixteen year old boy that thinks every food item is bought specifically for him so he eats it all with no consideration for anyone else in the house! (Takes a breath) Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence, but I had to get it out the same way I was thinking it.

So, all week long it has felt like the beginning of the week…kind of like that movie Groundhog Day, where every day that the main character woke up was the Spoiler alert: It turns out it was up to him to change his decisions and the day would change. Of course, this was after days and days of things going completely wrong. I guess this week was my “groundhog day”. I am making a conscious decision to make tomorrow different.

I am convinced that women are superheroes…my husband doesn’t really enjoy multi-tasking. He has to focus on each task one by one. Must be nice. What’s funny is that my children know this and if he is working on something they leave him alone. I can be working on my computer, and all at the same time my daughter is reading me a poem she wrote, my oldest son is telling me about a show he watched, and my youngest has walked from the vicinity of his dad allllllll the way around the bed to ask me to open something for him. Sigh… I have just learned to embrace this superhero status, take each day as the Monday it is and keep my house running smoothly.

So, to all of my fellow women – mothers in particular – just put your cape on and wear it proudly. The world would clearly crumble without us in it. Yay us. Make the best out of your “Monday” tomorrow and try to take some time to rejuvenate on the weekends…because when the following week starts that cape better be washed, pressed and ready to go!



You’re Not Guilty!

How many of you have walked around a store and filled your arms up with clothes only to put every single thing back where you got it from – or if we’re being honest, just in a clump on top of the first shelf you see… Oh, we’re not admitting that today? So, I’m alone here, huh?

I’m not ashamed. I can admit it. That’s the first step to working through this “problem”. I think part of the issue is simply my guilt in spending money on myself. The other part is that I’m clearly indecisive.

I hereby announce that we should no longer feel guilty about buying things for ourselves! Even if you have to give yourself a pep talk like you’re about to play in the big game, do whatever it takes! Why? Because you deserve it. You do. Say it with me…”I DESERVE IT!” Yes!!! You deserve that nice, cozy sweater you saw looking so snug on the mannequin. You deserve the pair of jeans you keep walking past because the last pair you bought was back in 2014. You should treat yourself to that stiletto that is clearly calling your name from across the room…I know that “call” all too well. I just simply respond, “I’m coming…”

Listen, we spend all of our time, energy and money on being good mothers and providers. We save, scrimp, scrape, struggle, stress and sell stuff just so we can put a smile on our kids’ faces. Well, now it’s time to put a smile on our own faces. Maybe I was aiming too high with the clothes and shoes…heck, it’s even okay for you to take a long shower when you want to, eat the last handful of chips, kick everybody out of your room for an hour…and no, you do not have to share your food! Why? Because if your little person is like my little guy, HE ALREADY ATE!! Do you, boo!! You are NOT GUILTY of anything!!

Tell me in the comments what you have committed to doing this year for YOU!